Our Services


Logistics & Distribution services

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Swiss Generics will collect the goods from our warehouses in Europe and deliver it to
the targeted country in any European region, MENA and Africa, South East Asia.


Pharmaceutical Marketing and promotion

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Swiss Generics is a gateway for new brands to be introduced into the European and
International market. We help create brand awareness within the healthcare sector in
addition to providing a continuous business development strategy for healthcare


Private label contract Manufacturing of Medical devices and Nutrition supplements

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Swiss Generics carries out a complete contract manufacturing cycle from conception to
production, and offers a full service, which includes research and formulation, purchase
and control of raw materials, preparations, quality controls, filling with packaging storage
service, assistance and after-sales training
Swiss Generics is specialized in the development and production of Class I, IIA, IIB and III
Medical Devices.
Swiss Generics is the ideal partner for major players in the sector: attention to the quality
of the formulations, certified production processes, search for raw materials of high quality,
expertise and unique skills, particular focus on efficiency
Swiss Generics develops and produces dietary supplements of quality, paying maximum
attention to conformity and nutritional characteristics and taking particular care of the
health and wellbeing of the body and the harmony with vital processes.


Pharmaceutical products, Medical devices registration

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With Swiss Generic, our team can communicate in English, Spanish, Italian, German
and French language thus enabling us to effectively register your products with
Ministry of Health in other countries.With a comprehensive understanding of the
industry, Swiss Generics helps organizations right from decoding Regulatory
pathways to providing regional Regulatory intelligence to successfully defining
strategies for various health authority submissions and market approvals.